Common Abrasive Blasting Mediums Available in Marysville

abrasive blasting mediums marysville

If you have an upcoming painting or coating project in Marysville, you might be looking for abrasive blasting services as well. This technique is used to clean surfaces before applying a coating. Since materials respond differently to blasting, there are a variety of abrasive blasting mediums to choose from. Here’s a list of the various types and how they’re employed.

Steel Grit

This medium is designed for quick, effective removal of surface contaminants and coatings. It is softer than other mediums and less likely to fracture, leaving an etched finish.

Glass Bead

This product leaves a matte or satin finish. Glass bead is ideal for projects that require polishing and is commonly used on cabinets.

Aluminum Oxide Grit

This medium is often used on metal, glass, wood and other materials. Its preferred by professionals because of its versatility and strength. It’s ground down to different grains, like sandpaper, so you can use it for several different applications, and it can even be recycled.


Plastic is yet another abrasive blasting medium. There are many different types of this material available for surface preparation. It’s most often used for substrates, such as aluminum composites, plastics, and other delicate metals.

Looking for Abrasive Blasting Services Near Marysville?

Now that you know more about some of the most popular types of blasting mediums, you’ll be better equipped to choose one for your project. To get advice and more information, contact the professionals at Aerotech Manufacturing in Arlington today. Our highly-trained and experienced blasting specialists can also provide assistance with metalization.

Abrasive Blasting Mediums Explained for Marysville

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