Features of Metalization Services in Everett

metalization servicesIf your company has steel products that will be exposed to the elements, you may be considering metalization services. Marine environments, or ones that will be exposed to petrochemical plants or high levels of pedestrian traffic are even more vulnerable. 

Metalization can protect your products for up to 25 years and it conforms to industry SSPC, AWA, and NACE standards. Here are some features of metalization to consider when deciding whether it’s right for your upcoming painting and coating project in Everett.

Applicable to Large Items

Metalization is ideal for large or stationary steel items. Galvanization is an effective coating system alternative to metalization, but it doesn’t work well with structures that are greater than a certain size or that are frequently in motion.

Quick Completion Time

Surface preparation, painting and coating can be time consuming. It’s important to expedite the process so items can be used again as soon as possible for your business. Metalization can be completed quickly. The coating solidifies right away, so your items can be fully functional again in no time.

Location Doesn’t Matter

Additionally, industrial coating specialists can complete the metalization process almost anywhere. This coating can be applied either in a shop or in the field. This is particularly helpful for large items. Marine structures and bridges, for example, can’t easily be moved.

Need Expert Metalization Services in Everett?

Are you looking for a company that offers metalization services in Everett? Contact us at Aerotech Manufacturing in Arlington today to receive expert coating advice, quality workmanship, and an unbeatable customer service experience. Visit our website for more information about our company and the many services we offer, including blasting. We look forward to assisting with your metalization project in Everett!

Experienced Metalization Services in Everett

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