Common Misconceptions About Powder Coating Services Near Everett

powder coating services everettWhen the time comes to do finishing work for a metal project, it’s important that you pick the right method. Powder coating can be a great option, but there are some preconceived notions you might have about the process. Knowing some common misconceptions about powder coating services can help you make the right choice. 

Limited Color Options

Many people think that powder coating only allows for limited options for colors. However, you have just as many choices for colors with powder coating as you do with painting. Powder coating colors can be mixed to create the perfect hue for your project. 

Painting is Just As Good

You may think that painting is just as good of an option as powder coating. However, paint doesn’t bond to the metal like powder coating does, which makes it less strong and not as long-lasting. If you want longevity, powder coating is going to be your best option. 

It’s Expensive

Many people think that powder coating services are exceedingly expensive. While powder coating is certainly more expensive than painting, it is not prohibitive. You can still keep your project under budget while getting all the benefits of powder coating. 

Need Powder Coating Services Near Everett? 

When you need the best coating, painting, or fabrication services for a metal project, consider Aerotech. We have a wealth of experience with a variety of fabrication projects, and you’ll receive expert advice and quality results. Contact us at Aerotech Manufacturing in Arlington today. Our specialists also provide assistance with fabrication, metalization, welding, and blasting.

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